Engineering Solutions, Evolved!

Tryple Helix Solutions was incorporated in 2005 to provide our clients with reusable, robust engineering solutions. We have extensive experience throughout the product lifecycle and are committed to creating solutions that work in the real world. Whether you want to make something move, process incoming N-Dimensional signals, or create software architectures that will withstand the test of time, we can help deliver tomorrow's solutions, today.

Device Engineering and More

The software and hardware produced by Tryple Helix is in the field, treating patients and helping our clients achieve their market goals. While our primary focus is in the embedded and motion control environments, clients are putting our experience to use in all kinds of engineering fields. The bottom line is that if you have a software or electronics problem to solve, we've got a solution to fit the bill.

We have extensive, proven experience bringing products to market in all of the following areas:

  • Realtime Embedded Systems
    • PIC (MPLab), ARM(VxWorks, GHS), TI C6X DSPs(CCS), and more
    • Real Time Application Development
    • Electronic Debugging and Design
  • Medical Device Development
    • Familiarity with FDA and ISO9001 procedures
    • Experience in Cadaveric and Human Clinical Trials
  • Machine Vision
    • Image Segmentation and Pattern Recognition
    • Stereo Reconstruction and 3-D Scene Processing
    • High Frame Rate (30FPS, Stereo) Vision System Design and Implementation
  • Multi-Axis Motion Control and Robotic Systems
    • Experience with a wide range of off the sheld and custom design motion controllers
    • Real-Time Force and Image Based Servoing Solutions for Six Axis Robots
    • Extensive Experience and Personal Connections with Staubli and Adept Robotics
  • Algorithmic Development and Software Architecture
    • Digital and Mixed Signal Processing
    • Object Oriented Design
    • Prototyping and Design Documentation

Scalable Teamwork for Results

In addition to our in-house device control and software design expertise, Tryple Helix works closely with partners that can help you develop image and video processing solutions, mechanical and electrical design. We can provide a single point of contact solution for developing small and medium scale design projects. You can be confident that we work with these partners because they are, without exception, the best in the business. With our interdisciplinary team, we can work with you to define the scope and requirements that can take your idea and make it a reality.